Contribute to maintaining and respecting the spirit of the Final Agreement to End the Armed Conflict and Build a Stable and Lasting Peace, ratified on November 24th, 2016, by the Colombian State and the FARC-EP. Ensure its implementation with the support of civil society and international community.

Specific Objectives

Hold a European Conference for Colombian Peace, with the participation of delegates from European and Colombian civil society, government delegates from European Countries contributing with the peace building process, representatives from the European Union institutions and delegates from the new Colombian government, in order to review the progress of the implementation of the Peace Agreement, the prospects for its future implementation within the new government and the use of the resources from the European Union Fiduciary Fund for Peace in Colombia.

Contribute, from within Europe, to the effective implementation of the commitments of the Colombian State regarding the Peace Agreement, through disclosure, analysis and discussion of the progress and future of its implementation.

Ensure the transparent, efficient and effective use of the European resources aiming at implementing the Peace Agreement – including the European Fiduciary Fund.

Give visibility to the initiatives for the monitoring of the Agreement’s implementation that allow for the rigorous assessments of the progress and challenges of this peace process.

Move forward towards the consolidation of evaluation spaces regarding the progress of the Agreement’s implementation. Those space will aim at reinforcing good practices and monitoring the evolution of this type of processes.

Create a convergence space between various public and civil society institutions in Europe and in Colombia to share analysis of the progress of Agreement’s implementation.

Establish communication channels between civil society and the Colombian State, with the participation of European institutions, in order to exchange assessments and action perspectives concerning the application of the Peace Agreement.

Stimulate and strengthen civil society advocacy spaces in relation to the Colombian state regarding the guarantees of the right to peace and the protection of human rights.